Thursday, February 18, 2010

A new beginning

As my profile suggests, this is my second attempt at getting into a top 10 MBA Program in the US. 
As I go through all the stages that make up the notoriously laborious MBA Application process, for Fall 2011, I will attempt to document my experiences that I hope will help others like me.

After my unsuccessful attempt the first time round, I have come up with the following possible reasons for my failure which include but are not limited to: insufficient GMAT score for the demographic that I belong to, incorrect choice of admission rounds, lack of any secure backup schools, not sufficiently articulating in the essays how different my profile was from the profiles of others in my demographic, an all round disastrous year of 2008-09. As I traverse through this tedious journey again, I am sure I will come with stronger and more reasons.

To put in to words my current state of mind, I have convinced myself it is worth going through the application process once again. And this includes taking the GMAT again. Come Saturday, I will be taking a practice test to gauge where I stand.

Here's to a new beginning!